Tatie Lou – Wallpaper Showcase

15th November 2020

Margaux Dusk Wallpaper

This week I tried out an easy to hang, and very easy on the eye wallpaper from Tatie Lou. Tatie makes wallpapers, fabric, cushions, lampshades and uses a technique called shibori. Shibori is a type of dyeing that involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth and then dyeing it. It gives a very distinctive design which I haven’t seen on wallpaper before. All wallpaper is paste the wall (phew easy peasy) and very easy to cut and move. Quality of paper is excellent.

I asked Tatie a few questions about her gorgeous designs in an interview below:

Franny Sorbet Wallpaper

NFW – Tell me a bit about yourself and how you started Tatie Lou:

TL – I’m based in Nottingham. I did a Printed Textiles degree at Dundee in ’96 (yes I’m old) have had various creative ventures since…my handbag label and was a secondary school textiles teacher for a while. But wanted to get back to my passion of designing and textiles.
I initially started Tatie Lou in 2015 (when my kids were little) working only with indigo and the ancient Japanese craft of Shibori. I started a hand dyed Etsy shop which I still have today and is always keeping me very busy which I am very grateful for.
Decided once the kids started school I wanted to significantly grow Tatie Lou so decided to design a range of wallpaper and textiles incorporating my Shibori patterns. I launched my first collection last September 2019 at Top Drawer and haven’t looked back since As well as incorporating Shibori in my work, I also use hand drawings and digital methods to create my designs.

Ginko Blue Wallpaper

NFW – Can you describe your wallpaper in one sentence?

TL – Colourful, eclectic and bold for the bohemian home (Oh and my worked has been called the new #grannychic too apparently)

Indigo Itajime Diamond Wallpaper

NFW – Who/whose house embodies your wallpaper?  

TL – Gosh it’s a hard one as I don’t really follow celebrities..I love Yves Saint Laurents house in Marrakesh..I’d love to see my wallpaper in a bohemian palace in Morocco or India!

Yves Saint Laurents house from Elle Decor

NFW – Which other wallpaper designers do you look up to/love –

TL – I absolutely adore House of Hackney, Degourney and Anna Glover

NFW – Do you have an instagram account that uses wallpaper that you love?

TL – my faves at the moment are  @figtart    @the_indigo_leopard_home   @onealchemyhouse

How and where to buy

Price Range – £115-£130/roll Roll size 52cm x 10cm


For hand dyed shibori – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TatieLou

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