Dunelm wallpaper showcase – My top picks

4th October 2020

For my first high street review I had to pick the mighty Dunelm. With just over 400 wallpapers available, including paste the wall, paste the paper and self adhesive options, Dunelm has become one of the biggest options for the casual wallpaper DIY’er in the UK. Dunelm produces 69 of its own brand wallpapers.

Now if you are the type of person that wakes up on a weekend morning with an urge to wallpaper an entire room (just me then?!) you are going to want to be able to pick up that paper that morning from a stockist with a wide range and good stock.

I chose a number of Dunelm papers I liked the look of, hung them and these were my highlights. Obviously I have a floral style but I also wanted to look at a couple that were out of my floral comfort zone.

1. Wild Garden Navy Wallpaper This style was originally launched in 1925 so has a country-ish Victorian feel. Slight shimmer/sheen to the paper. I loved the heavy pattern and it almost had a Sanderson feel to it. £12 / 10m roll available exclusively on the Dunelm website.

Wild Garden Navy Wallpaper

2. Pivoine Floral Wallpaper another vintage style design this one in a grey colourway. Really stylish and I think it could be styled in a modern house as well as someone with a penchant for #cottagecore aesthetic definatley a bedroom favourite. £10 / 10m roll available click and collect and online.

Pivoine Floral Wallpaper

3. Milano Wave – Off White – This one was a bit of a contemporary change for me but love the pattern so much it had to go in the highlights. It’s a really heavy weight embossed paper (which needs a thicker mix paste if you are going for a paste you mix yourself) with a raised texture and almost 3D impression to the pattern. Textured papers are definitely a ‘thing’ right now with quite a few debuted at Design Focus 2020. This feels, looks and hangs exactly like a really high-end/priced paper. One of those that could go anywhere – living, dining, or sleeping spaces. £20/roll available exclusively on the Dunelm website.

Milano paper in plain white

4. Havisham Navy Wallpaper Very Morris-esq – birds and fruit with a dark blue background. I don’t think there is anything close to this on the high street market you very rarely get dark background wallpapers at all. Wrapped around a full room it’s a showstopper. £12/roll available online and click and collect.

5. Lastly coming in Feb 2021 the Lucetta Design Wallpaper – is being recoloured in a colourway similar to the Flora Nouveau as well as peacock green, ochre and jewel.

The Floral Nouveau is probably the one of the most popular eye catching high street wallpapers I’ve ever seen in the insta interiors world. Again not many (if any!) art nouveau style wallpapers available in the UK would look great in a vintage style house, just such a beautiful timeless pattern. Price £12/roll

Lucetta design on Dunelm cushion and curtain cant wait to see this as a wallpaper. Wallpaper available from Feb 21 exclusively on the Dunelm website
Flora Nouveau peacock green store

As well as the distinct designs the great thing about these papers is the price and accessibility. There is no excuse not to go ‘nofeaturewalls’ and paper all 4 walls ;-). Hanging these papers is so easy there is no need to get a decorator in and even the ‘paste the papers’ , which admittedly, can be tricky for novices were easy to move and cut.

All papers available from www.dunelm.com

Firenze marble effect Coffee table, Traditional indoor/outdoor Rug, vase and flowers all available from Dunelm

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